Friday, October 2, 2009

Green Business Profile

This is a profile about a green business in Larkspur, CA that was published in the Marinscope in one of their five community papers. The image is a PDF of the hard copy. The words are too small, so I've pasted the text below.

'Perfect' Firm Joins Growing List of Green Businesses

By Meena Ramakrishnan

Twin Cities Times
As a forerunner in the nation’s environmental revolution, Marin County has always strived to convert the brown to green. From hybrid cars to organic food, Marin businesses have also joined forces to conserve natural resources and save energy.
The Marin Green Business Program, started in April 2002, recognizes and promotes businesses and government agencies that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To become a certified green business, businesses and organizations must comply with environmental regulations and take steps to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution. As of April of this year, 187 Marin businesses had joined the growing program.
Dana Armanino, head of the Marin Green Business Program, said of the program’s success: “The county itself is a fairly right ground for green measures and practices. A lot of residents participate and those residents also operate and work in businesses, so they bring those into their business operation.”
Green businesses can also participate in the Sustainable Partners Program as the next level of certification. Armanino said, “It encourages them to take even more environmental measures — measures that benefit the community and their employees.”
Joining the growing number of green businesses in Marin, Perfect Timing Personnel Services is the first full-service staffing agency to become a certified green business. Since joining in June, Perfect Timing has significantly reduced waste, promoted recycling and spread the word in the business community.
“We’ve made a conscious effort to use less in the office,” said Debi Geller, regional account manager for Perfect Timing. “We cut down on our paper dramatically. We’re just really trying to use fewer resources.”
Along with paper reduction, the business has also replaced paper and plastic eating utensils with dishes and silverware, installed energy-efficient light bulbs and decreased time on the road. “We do the best we can not to send people on a long commute. We’re trying to keep them off the freeway as best we can,” said Geller.
Continually meeting environmental regulations and implementing earth-friendly practices has made Perfect Timing a model for other businesses to follow. Geller says the staffing company strives to inform clients and promote green businesses. “Our clients are businesses, and we’re able to give them a plug to make people interested.”
In its quarterly newsletter — which made the switch from paper to electronic — Perfect Timing has even included “The Green Spotlight” as an outlet to encourage other companies to make the change and recognizes those that have in the “Green Businesses of the Month” section.
“Not only is Perfect Timing interested in adding more green companies to its client base,” said Geller, “but it’s also interested in spreading the word about the county’s program to other businesses as well.”Even simple changes in the office can have a huge impact on the environment. “It’s the responsible thing to do,” said Geller. “It’s really about making a difference in people’s lives and it benefits everybody.”To learn more visit and

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